School Facilities

Dhahran High School offers superb campus facilities for its 620 enrolled students and 55 classroom teachers. Students have the use of fully equipped sport, science, music and computer facilities. DHS offers a range of sports available to students: volleyball, table tennis, football, netball, cross country, track and field, cricket, basketball, softball and badminton. The campus sporting facilities include a weight room, four different gyms, yoga/dance room, softball pitch, climbing wall, cricket facilities and a multipurpose room. 

DHS science facilities provide students with the opportunity to fully dive into the science field. At DHS, we provide seven lab rooms, a wide range of digital Vernier probes, and classroom sets of computers with Logger Pro to collect and analyze data from the probes. Our computer science facilities consist of four labs with 3D Printer and Laser engravers. 

DHS music facilities consist of an instrumental rehearsal room together with a choir rehearsal/class piano room and practice facilities.

The Learning Commons at Dhahran campus is a learner-centered library hub that fosters innovation and celebrates creativity through flexible physical and virtual space.

We value communication and collaboration to connect with each other and with the world. The LC staff strive to foster a culture of inquiry built upon trust and kindness. The Learning Commons provides high-quality resources to meet the needs of our community, empowering all users to create knowledge and helping students become confident and ethical information consumers and creators.  

The LC collaborates with the ISG community to develop the necessary tools and opportunities students need to make sense of the information-rich world around them.  In addition, the LC teaches information literacy skills, provides access to quality resources and creates space for exploration. Success means our students can find, analyze, apply and share information with the world.