About our School

Dhahran High School follows the American Curriculum. DHS has adopted a number of curriculum frameworks and standards from systems and best practices around the United States. Much emphasis has been placed on moving away from the traditional model of teaching from a textbook to designing courses based on standards.  The backwards model of course and unit design has brought many challenges for teachers, but has shown to be more innovative in terms of moving to increased student centered classrooms focused on learner agency. Coupled with this have been newly adopted standards that have been carefully implemented to maximize professional learning and support. 

Our welcoming environment offers outstanding facilities where we seek to turn ideas into reality, encouraging students to develop their intellectual potential while inspiring them to become self-motivated, life-long learners. Our community flourishes, supported by an exciting range of enrichment programs, additional academic support for those who need it and a carefully-tailored college preparation program.  

DHS offers a broad array of subjects including English, math, science, social studies, global languages, physical education, fine arts, technology, health and various electives. Each student must be enrolled in 16 semester classes and have a minimum total of 24.0 (recommended 27.5) credits in order to graduate from DHS.

A required course to be taken by all students is Arabic culture (one year course). This course fulfills the Saudi Ministry of Education requirement to provide conversational Arabic and designated cultural topics that provide cultural awareness of the host country. Students enrolled in an Arabic Global Language course will not need to enroll in this course.

Our Learning Principles

  • Students learn best with voice and choice
  • Learning is a reflective practice
  • Learning requires a safe, collaborative environment
  • Learning requires feedback for growth
  • Learning inspires passionate engagement
  • Learning from failure requires a growth mindset
  • Appropriate challenge engages and motivates learners