Weekly Bulletin - Issue 33

03 June 2018

Weekly Bulletin - Issue 33

Dhahran High School Weekly Bulletin

Sunday June 3, 2018                                                                                                                                                                 ISSUE 33


  • Textbook Collection


Students must return their books during exam week (June 7 and June 10 -12)

from 7:40 to 13:00 in The Dome.


Students will bring their books to The Dome and get their books scanned at the check-in station. After checking in, students will take their textbooks to the assigned stacks of books.

Books have to be handed to one of the textbook staff in the Dome in person in order to be scanned. Books that are not handed in person will not be scanned into the system and students will be fined for not returning the books.

Please note that No school records or textbooks for the next school year will be released for students with outstanding textbooks,

Non Returning Students - Please note that school records/reports will be released only when students return all their outstanding textbooks or pay fines.

Students should contact Arunee Venables (venab.a.04@isg.edu.sa) with any questions regarding textbooks.


  • All students that still have their DHS athletic uniform please return it to Mrs. Gerber in order to get your refund before the end of the school year.