Weekly Bulletin - Issue 30

14 May 2018

Weekly Bulletin - Issue 30


  • AP Students: AP Students taking exams this week:  Be sure to check the schedule of exams.  If you have two exams back-to-back, please bring your lunch, as you may only be able to have a short break in between.  Please note that exams can sometimes run late, so plan your transportation accordingly. If you have an afternoon exam, you should eat lunch first period.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Bearns.


  • On 30 May, DBGS, DEMS, and DHS will be co-hosting an Iftar in the Lower Gym from 6:00 pm-8:30 pm.   We are excited to come together as a community to share a meal during the month of Ramadan. All ISG students and their families are invited. Tickets are on sale from now until 17 May 2018.  You can buy your tickets from Ms. Vanessa in B-Building.


Tickets prices:

Ages 11 to Adult: 130 SAR

Ages 5-10: 65 SAR

Kids under 5: Free


  • Senior Textbook Collection

Seniors must return their books on May 14th, 15th, or 16th.



Students will bring their books to The Dome/LRC at the designated times/places and get their books scanned at the check-in station. After checking in, students will take their textbooks to the assigned stacks of books.

Students are not allowed to go into The Dome and leave their books outside of the designated times because The Dome will be used as classroom from the second period of each day.


Books have to be handed to Arunee Venables in person in order to be scanned. Books that are not handed in person will not be scanned into the system and students will be fined for not returning the books.


These are the times and places where books can be returned:


May 14, 2018

7:40 – 9:20 in The Dome

9:30 – 14:20 in the LRC (DHS Textbook Circulation Desk)

May 15  and 16, 2018

7:40 – 8:50 in the Dome

9:00 – 13:00 in the LRC (DHS Textbook Circulation Desk)


Please note that Student transcripts and diplomas will not be released for students with outstanding textbooks and fines for lost books.


Students should contact Arunee Venables (venab.a.04@isg.edu.sa) with any questions regarding textbooks


  • On Sunday, May 27, ISG Dhahran & Dammam will be holding a Mini-Compassion Summit on campus. DHS students & staff have been busy planning activities and workshops meant to increase compassionate action in our community.  Students will have the opportunity to register for these workshops in the coming weeks. Registered students are asked to attend the Summit for the full day (8:30am-12pm), and attendance will be taken during each workshop.  Registration will be sent out via email - so watch your inbox! Any questions? You can ask Reimundo Shabana, Adam Irshaid, Hakam Atassi, Eddie Zhao, Sujitha Raj, Suvidhi Bhalgat, Amanda Nielson, Faisal Ahmed, Win Montgomery, Souhayla Farag, Ayoub Hajji, Antra Patel, Brookelle Connett, Mahum Zaidi, or Ms. Lester.


  • The winners of the environmental poster:'

1 First place: Bonnie Anvarbekova: grade 10

Second place:   Rida Choudhary, Grade 10

Third place:  Ramis Khan, Grade 11

Congratulations. Thank you for your keen observation and efforts to preserve our planet