Virtual School

03 October 2019

Virtual School

Dear DHS Families,

For many of you, this coming Virtual School Day on Sunday, October 06 will be your child's fourth and last time going through this exercise. For those new to DHS, I would like to provide some guidance and expectations of what to expect from the school and the purpose behind this exercise. 

The purpose of the Virtual School Day is to practice running through a typical school day in the event that we cannot transport students and staff to the campus. For example, ISG has had numerous days where the campus was closed due to heavy rains; however, we were still able to go forward with instruction because we were well-practiced at running virtual lessons. 

The virtual school day will take place on an A Day meaning we will run periods 1 thru 4. Like any regular day, teachers are asked to be available to students (online) from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. Another requirement of teachers is to post their lesson plans to students prior to the beginning of the school day just as they would have their plans ready before the start of any other typical day. This gives students the flexibility to work on the assignments in a time that suits them. Also, like any other school day, we encourage the students to attempt to complete their assignments throughout the day rather than wait until the afternoon to try to cram everything in. 

Because this is an exercise meant to identify problems in our application of a virtual school program, please feel free to offer us parents' and/or students' perspective on how the day goes. 

All the best!