ISG Superintendent's Weekly Message

19 April 2021

ISG Superintendent's Weekly Message

Dear Parents,

This entire school year, we have been working closely with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to facilitate bringing select groups of students back on campus for assessments. I believe this is in children’s best interest, provided, of course, that all safety protocols are strictly adhered to. 

As you may recall, I informed you last November that we had submitted a ‘return to campus’ proposal to the MOE. In late January, as we interpreted the Ministry guidance on student attendance, we sent out a parent survey and over 80% of you supported the idea of your child/ren returning to campus in small groups for assessment. 

At the end of January, we revised our original plan and decided to begin with our youngest learners. We then put our plan into action, ensuring that all safety and precautionary measures were in place. 

We continued with a rotational basis through February until I informed you on March 11 that the MOE indicated our plans fell outside the scope of their requirements. We suspended children coming on campus and revised our plans again.

Unfortunately, despite these numerous attempts, we have now been advised that we need to suspend all our on-campus scheduled assessment activities for students. As a result, we will be in virtual school effective Sunday, April 18 until the end of the school year. Some limited on-campus assessments may still be admissible and if this is possible your child’s school principal will be in contact. Your child’s school will also be in touch regarding the pickup of any items left on campus.

It is my sincere hope, and expectation, that next year will see us back in person, in a daily school routine. We support all our teachers getting vaccinated and we will do what is necessary to bring our students safely back to school.

Thank you for partnering with us this year and I’m excited as we plan for future in person instruction.

Keep well.

Dr. Michael P. Mack