High School Musical - DHS & DBGS production

04 March 2019

DHS and DBGS joined to produced an outstanding play that all students, staff and parents enjoyed watching. The students hard work and dedication was definitely reflected in their work. 

Hayley Spriggs -"Every cast and every show is different, but this year we really became a family. We supported each other and taught each other. We really believe that we’re all in this together.” 

The students that were in HSM Cast were...

Haley Spriggs 
Emmaline Cobia
Caden Connett
Brookelle Connett
Tanner Swendsen
Carter Frost
Emily Nielson 
Addie Ruesch
Dami Fakolujo
Talia Hijazi
Mona Kalo
Mariam Oueis
Hannah Jacob
Kati Rawn