EPID: Eastern Province Interschool Debate Contest

11 February 2019

Eastern Province Interschool Debate contest (EPID) is hosted every year by Dhahran High
School. This is a yearly event sponsored by the DHS Debate Club. The objective of the Contest
is to sharpen communication and debating skills of participants, guided by a body of clear rules
and regulations. The contest also intends to foster and further mutual support and cooperation
among participating institutions. Teams from sister schools in the province would gather in
contest, use claims to prove through their arguments, that their side of the motion is better.
Each team should and will be judged by the merits of their arguments that are composed not
only of logic, but also of emotion, and authority. In other words, Logos, Pathos, and Ethos, all
play a vital role in the debate. They are judged on both the core of their content and delivery.
There are about 6-8 propositions that are debated, some of them in Round Robin fashion and
some impromptu. Toastmaster judges would decide the winners. Semi-finals and finals would
decide the Champion of the Debate.
For the 6 th time in a row, DHS teams came in First and Second in EPID 2019, out of 6
participating schools. 3 teams had participated in EPID 2019. Team A and B bagged First and
Second places. Team C consisted of Mohammad Ataya, Krish Sareen, Abdulla Khureishi and
Keevan Mertanto
Team members of First and Second Winners are as follows:
First Winners: Sumedha Mandal, Matthew Alderman, Osama Dabbousi & Mahum Zaidi
Second Place Winners: Tayyibah Kankara, Ameen Al Khaldi, Jad Kfouri and Eddie Zhao.
Congratulations Winners