DHS International Day

29 January 2019

Int Day

DHS celebrated International Day on 24 January 2019 with food, activities, performances, and a fashion show. We started the day with Taste of the World, an event that was generously supported by over one hundreds parents from our Parent Volunteer Group.  Parents organized a booth for each country and with the help of student volunteers, provided DHS with a snack. Students feasted on treats like sushi, koshari, or BBQ chicken sandwiches. Parents also coordinated a cultural experience for each country booth like a game, a photo booth, or a quick dance lesson.  The Softball Field was full of excitement as students explored the foods and cultures of almost 30 countries.  A massive thanks goes out to the parents who spent the day with us and to the parents who worked behind the scenes to prepare and donate food.  Also, we want to thank Ms. Charlyn Alderman who served as a the Parent Volunteer Group Coordinator.  

After Taste of the World, students headed to the Auditorium for the annual Fashion & Talent Shows.  With record breaking participation in both the Fashion Show and Talent Show, students from all over the world showcased their home country pride and cultures.  We were fortunate to also host a performance from the DHS World Drumming class.  Thanks to the Technology Department and Support Services at ISG, both the Fashion Show and Talent Show was shared via livestream for parents and family who were unable to join us on campus.  We also want to thank the DHS Student Council for their tireless dedication to coordinating and advertising for International Day. Student Council works so hard all year to contribute to creating an inclusive and exciting school atmosphere and we commend them for their hard work.

This year stands out as an event to remember, and we are thankful for everyone who contributed to making this event so successful.  DHS is incredibly lucky to have such generous parents who donated their time, recipes, and energy for the event.  International Day is the most anticipated event at DHS and our students relish the opportunity to showcase their home cultures while learning more about other countries, cultures, and people.  

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