AP Summer Activities

10 June 2018

AP Summer Activities

AP 2018 Summer Activities

Welcome to AP courses at DHS.  You have chosen to participate in rigorous, intellectually challenging university coursework.  In preparation for those courses, your teachers have prepared summer work to help you keep up your skills, prepare for the first lessons, and stay on-track with the U.S. school calendar.  You will notice that some work is required and some work is recommended. Please contact the teacher if you have any questions regarding the summer coursework. Click on the links below to see the activities for each AP course.

Required Summer Activities

AP Seminar

Grade Level(s): 11

Activities: AP Seminar Summer Assignment

This assignment is required.  This is not a summative grade, but you are going to be using/referencing the work and reading, so it is mandatory for participation in the course.

Mr. Cradlin - cradl.w.04@isg.edu.sa


AP Language and Composition

Grade Level(s): 11-12

Activities: AP Language Summer Assignment

This assignment is required.  Please click on the folder above to see letter with due dates and the pdf of Chapter 1.

Ms. Bailey - baile.e.04@isg.edu.sa; Mr. Debaun - debau.j.04@isg.edu.sa; Mr. Smith - smith.m.04@isg.edu.sa


AP Physics 1

Grade Level(s): 11 and 12

Activities:  AP Physics 1

Required activities.

Ms. Syed - syed.s.04@isg.edu.sa


Recommended Activities:

(Not required, but strongly recommended)


AP Chemistry

Grade Level(s): 11-12

Activities: AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

Not required but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  There will be an assessment over these chapters within the first few days of class.

Mr. McConnell - mccon.w.04@isg.edu.sa


AP US Government & Politics

Grade Level(s): 12

Activities: AP US Government & Politics Summer Assignment

Not required, but STRONGLY recommend that you follow the news.


AP Research

Grade Level(s): 12

Activities: DHS AP Research Summer Assignment 2018-2019

This is a recommended activity.

Ms. Hammound - hammo.a.04@isg.edu.sa


AP Spanish Language and Culture

Grade Level(s): 11 and 12

Activities: Por favor mira todos los dias televisión o youtubes en español.  Lee noticias de periódicos/revistas de diferentes países en español.  Escribe un diario todos los días sobre lo que haces, vas a hacer, hiciste; sobre cosas que salieron de un modo diferente a como las habías pensado.   Mantente en contacto diario con el español. Estudia la cultura, historia y realidad económica, política y artística de un país hispanohablante.

This is a recommended activity.

Ms. Jimenez - jimen.s.04@isg.edu.sa


**If an AP course is not listed, then the teacher did not provide any summer coursework recommendations.