AP 2021 Summer Activities

06 June 2021

AP 2021 Summer Activities

AP 2021 Summer Activities

Welcome to AP courses at DHS.  You have chosen to participate in rigorous, intellectually challenging university coursework.  In preparation for those courses, your teachers have prepared summer work to help you keep up your skills, prepare for the first lessons, and stay on-track with the U.S. school calendar.  You will notice that some work is required and some work is recommended. Please contact the teacher if you have any questions regarding the summer coursework. Click on the links below to see the activities for each AP course.

Required Summer Activities:

AP Calculus AB/BC

AP Language

AP Literature and Composition

AP Seminar

Arabic B HL

French B- SL & HL Reading

IB Art

IB Language and Literature

Spanish IB- B & Sp.4/AP

AP Chemistry