My Secret Escape

04 March 2019

My Secret Escape

Community. Comfort. Acceptance. These are all different synonyms of the High School Musical. When I think about where I want to go when I’m tired, stressed, or worried the mini theatre comes to my mind. The mini theatre means something different to all the students here. To many, it is just a random place at school, but to the people who work as the cast or crew in the musical, it means something much greater. As someone who works backstage, as soon as I come into practice I immediately forget all about my assignments and tests for school. It gives me a chance to focus on something that doesn’t involve a grade at school. The time in High School Musical keeps me pre-occupied and lets me rest a little so I can tackle school refreshed the next day.

Community. In an interview with the cast, when asked the question “What do you think the best part of this musical was?” Talia, who plays Gabriella in the play, said, “I think it’s like being all together.” The amount of time that the cast and crew have spent together to put the play all together really did bring everyone who was a part of it together. It is also, like another cast member said, “this actually merged the two schools together”. Everyone, including the directors, were very involved and made sure that no one in our little community was left out. Moreover, the cast and crew looked out for each other so the play would go smoothly and helped each other out to create a stronger bond.

Comfort. From the worries of school and sometimes other social conflicts in our lives. We found comfort from these things when we stepped inside the room for practice. No matter if it was the Dems Dome or the mini theatre. We just had to focus on the musical and even if we made a mistake we had other people to help us get back up. This stress-free area gave all of us a sense of comfort.

Acceptance. The work I do for it is part of something that is bigger than just me and a few people. I’m not the only person who thinks this way. Rita, another crew worker, says, “it’s lively {at practice and I feel like} I’m a part of something.” Not only do we all feel comfort from our worries and a sense of community from all our friends there but we also feel like we are contributing no matter how small one’s role is. Even the characters in the play that don’t have that many lines are contributing by just being there because without them the play wouldn’t be as great as it is. Also, no matter what you are good at you are accepted like Sally mentioned in an interview, “It makes me feel creative and accepted. I also feel like I contributed to something big.”

When I was doing the last show of this year’s musical it felt bittersweet. I wanted it to continue, but I also wanted to finish it so we can finally put our hard work out there. When I was sitting backstage moving all the props and giving them to the actors and actresses I felt sad yet happy. Happy that I could share what I’ve been working so hard on, but also sad that this wonderful experience was ending. So to all the people that didn’t go try out for the musical or didn’t sign up for backstage, I say to you, even if you are scared of doing it or you don’t think you can handle the additional pressure, still try out. This opportunity. This experience is something I never want to forget and I am sure that if you even have a slight passion for it, the musical is something you can grow to love. A quote from this year’s musical really stuck out to me. A quote that people should always think about, “You want to sing? It’s now or never.”  If you want to do it, stop thinking and just take the risk. It’s now or never.


By - Rida Ashraf