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28 April 2019

My beloved Rockets will be playing shortly in the first round of the NBA playoffs.  I know should prepare for them to eventually break my heart sometime

14 April 2019

I hope your first couple of days back from break have been amazing.  In general it seems that people are in a good spirits and that the break has done e

04 March 2019

Community. Comfort. Acceptance. These are all different synonyms of the High School Musical.

20 February 2019

Good Morning DHS.

18 February 2019

Coming off the high of winning gold in this years’ SAIK-AC football tournament, the Dhahran High School Boys Varsity team were ecstatic to com

12 February 2019

Walking into DHAMUN felt like walking into a meeting filled with very important ambassadors and presidents from around the world.

07 February 2019

DHS’s Habitat for Humanity hosted a Bonfire on Thursday 31st of January 2019!

04 December 2018

On November 18, 2018, Effect club hosted its annual coffeehouse.

11 November 2018

"The best bribe which London offers to-day to the imagination, is, that, in such a vast variety of people and conditions, one can believe there is room