Habitat for Humanity - Bonfire

07 February 2019

Habitat for Humanity - Bonfire

DHS’s Habitat for Humanity hosted a Bonfire on Thursday 31st of January 2019!

In the breezy evening, the toasty fire brought warmth to gathered students, having an enjoyable time!

Music, treats, live performances, and the bonfire made the event a blast!

Students enjoyed a special bonfire playlist, as baked goods, chips, and drinks, were offered. The hot chocolate was perfect!

Meanwhile around a barbecue, students roasted delicious hot dogs and smores.

As the dark sky came, the event was lucky to have a few impressive live performers, who brought some entertaining tunes! Wisam Ahmed, Noura Elbayrouti, Sajedah Ghizawi, Karen Ilya, and Jordan Keszler sang and played guitar with talent for the evening.

Miguel Uy, a student who attended the event said, ”I really liked the bonfire because it was all about bonding with each other. I loved how everyone [was] engaged with everything that was going on. It was a really lively moment because there was just a positive vibe the whole time. People were laughing, singing, and just purely having a good time with their friends.”

Hiba Khurshid, a Habitat for Humanity Group Leader said, “As a group leader, the turnout for the event was amazing. Speaking for my friends and I, we loved the vibes of the live performances, music, and just hanging out with our friends with smores, hot chocolate, and hot dogs for a winter chilly night in Saudi which is a short season here. I am excited to be a part of making this an annual tradition.”

Students and staff had the freedom to relax, hang out and have fun with friends, so overall, the event was a great time!


By Sally R & Vishash