12 February 2019


Walking into DHAMUN felt like walking into a meeting filled with very important ambassadors and presidents from around the world. Success and excitement were in the air. Sitting in the auditorium and witnessing the Opening Ceremony of my first MUN, I couldn’t help but be impressed.  The opening ceremony was very interesting, from the speakers to the singers to the skit done by the chairs. The singers were amazing, the skit was hilarious, and the speeches were very inspirational. The conference was very well organized, which shows the hard work the DHAMUN team put into it.

I was assigned to the largest assembly of the conference: General Assembly One. Our topic was the role of youth in the Paris Agreement. Although I didn’t quite build up the courage to stand at the podium and debate with the other delegates, I listened to everyone's point thoroughly because it was truly very interesting. One thing I like about MUN, in general, is that you can choose to talk. No one will force you to go up and talk about something. You have a chance to wait, watch, gather your courage. You are not forced to go up to the podium and talk about something, which is good for beginners. I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk, but you have the chance to build up the courage to speak. For a shy kid like me, this is the best scenario.

In the middle of our committee session, we got donuts. These donuts gave me a reason to live. Rolling out of bed at 5:50 during the weekend isn’t the most pleasant experience. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t reconsider even going to DHAMUN several times after waking up. You might be thinking, “why would you wake up that early? The conference started at 8”.(If you weren’t thinking that.. Well I'm sorry for assuming please don’t be salty.) I only have two letters for you, RT. But that’s a rant for another day.

Another highlight from Dhamun was the gossip box. I think that the gossip box is a brilliant idea to break the tension and serious vibes at the end of the conference. I had a lot of fun putting random things in there. The gossip box was full of people complimenting each other in a wholesome way(the chairs didn’t read the inappropriate ones), and cheesy jokes to make everyone regret being born (that was a hyperbole I promise).

After all the committee sessions were over, it was time for the closing ceremony. I was very excited about this because at one point during the conference we were asked to dance for the closing ceremony video. I was excited to see how this turned out. Like the rest of Dhamun, the video was amazing. The humor, the editing, and the music made the video very entertaining to watch. After that, each of the senior executives gave speeches which were inspirational and also sad because Dhamun was there last MUN conference.

Overall, both days of the conference were very well organized and fun. I will definitely attend Dhamun next year, and you should too. It's a chance to dress up and debate global issues with students from different schools. Dhamun is a conference everyone should at least attend once in their high school career.


By Faiza R. & Amna A.