Front Staff
Principal Ronnie Caldwell Contact
Vice Principal Joseph Bearns Contact
University and College Counselor Mona Lewars Contact
Academic Councelor Kelly Dawson Contact
Academic Counselor Carl Flanders Contact
Administrative Assistant - Principal Office Dyah Yuniarti Contact
Administrative Assistant - Guidance Office Vernice Domingo-Salamanca Contact
Registrar Daisy Soultanian Contact
Bookkeeper Vanessa Eugenio Contact
Administrative Assistant - Admission Chantilly Julio Contact
IB Exec. Secretary Marizza Mercader Contact
LRC Administrative Aide yvonne Mayo Contact
Academic Support Teacher Amanda Lester Contact
Social Media and Technology Coordinator Sarah Albakr Contact
Admissions Coordinator Chantily Julio Contact
IB Coordinator Joseph Bearns Contact
English Department
English Teacher Elaine Bailey Contact
English Teacher Jennifer Cradlin Contact
English Teacher Eliana Harris Contact
English Teacher Shaila Koya Contact
English Teacher Libby Lies Contact
English Teacher Brian Mulack Contact
English Teacher Michael Smith Contact
English Teacher John DeBaun Contact
Science Department
Science Teacher Jodi Klemme Contact
Science Teacher Edwin Segbefia Contact
Science Teacher DeeAnn Sallings Contact
Science Teacher Sidra Syed Contact
Science Teacher Maya Jawhar Contact
Science Teacher William McConnell Contact
Science Teacher Mariam Sibaii Contact
Science Teacher Mylene Constantino Contact
Science Teacher Gregory Mazzeo Contact
Math Department
Math Teacher Cameron Harris Contact
Math Teacher Nancy Khairallah Contact
Math Teacher Ariel Li Detlefsen Contact
Math Teacher Brett Howard Contact
Math Teacher Sonal Novick Contact
math Teacher Alvin Sexton Contact
Global Languages Department
French and Arabic Teacher Zainab Karnib Contact
Arabic Culture Teacher Rasha Al-Nasr Contact
Arabic Culture Teacher Alya Alhawary Contact
Arabic Culture & Spanish Teacher Yasmeen AlNaji Contact
Arabic Teacher Shareefah Alqahtani Contact
French Teacher Carole Badran Contact
Arabic Culture Teacher Nermine El-Aleem Contact
Spanish Teacher Sonia Jimenez Contact
Design & Music Department
Band Teacher Richard McMaster Contact
Choir Teacher Marla Mcmaster Contact
Art Teacher Sara Ahmad Contact
Sports Department
Physical Education Teacher Alichia Gerber Contact
Physical Education Teacher Retief Gerber Contact
Physical Education Teacher Ashton DuToit Contact
Social Studies Department
Social Sciences Teacher Jamie Brown Contact
Social Studies Teacher Annelise Hammond-Mulack Contact
Social Studies Teacher Mike Sallings Contact
Social Studies Teacher William Cradlin Contact
Social Studies Teacher Myleah Rydberg Contact
Social Studies Teacher Morgan Watson Contact
Social Studies Teacher Ewan Hunt Contact
Social Studies Teacher Adam McCullough Contact
Technology Department
Technology teacher Renju Jacob Contact
Technology Teacher Manal Fawaz Contact
Technology Teacher Maha Hanna Contact