Welcome to our culturally rich American Curriculum based school.

Home of the Scorpions!

An Institution striving for academic excellence.

Offering a world-class college prep education.

Our multicultural community is proud to be the home of students from 40 different nationalities.

We foster teamwork.

About our school

Dhahran High School is the premier college prep high school in eastern Saudi Arabia, with an engaged staff committed to providing every student with a world-class college prep education. At our school, we cater to the different cultures and the more than 40 nationalities represented on campus by blending the American curriculum with unique opportunities offered by living in the Arab world. We have a diverse student population with certified teaching staff who are predominantly from North America. Our student teacher ratio is around 18:1, from Grade 9 through to Grade 12.

Dhahran High School is proud of its well-rounded, socially engaged students and welcomes you to come and discover what makes this one of the leading international schools in the Kingdom.

Our Mission
We inspire innovation and compassionate action.

Our Core Values
Respect, acceptance, integrity, responsibility ...
with a commitment to act.

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