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2018-2019 Course Description Booklet 


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Course Request Guidelines
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All students are required to complete the course selection form which is available on-line. Students are reminded to choose their classes carefully. Courses should be chosen that will challenge and prepare students for their future in colleges and universities. Students will be scheduled into the requested classes unless those classes are filled, the course does not meet the student’s graduation requirements, the student does not meet the course pre-requisites, the course does not fit their schedule, or the course is canceled.

Counselors make every effort to aid students in planning high school programs, projecting these programs towards long-term college and career goals. The counselors will work hand in hand with the student and parents to assure the appropriate courses are incorporated into the student’s schedule. Therefore, when selecting courses, we encourage students to consider both graduation and college/university education requirements.[/expand]

Course Pre-requisites
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Please read the course descriptions which follow before completing the course selection form. Pre-requisites are listed in this booklet to help students and parents make the best educational decisions. Students must meet these prerequisites before they may enroll in certain courses.[/expand]

[expand title=”Electives“]

Students select their required and elective courses for the entire year including alternative elective choices on the Course Request Worksheet. These elective offerings are listed on the back of the Course Request Worksheet. In the event that some elective classes are filled, students will be enrolled in their alternate choices in the order listed.[/expand]

Repeat Credit
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Students will not receive credits for repeating a course that was passed previously with the exception of courses (i.e. Physical Education and Fine Arts courses) as indicated in the course description.[/expand]

Schedule Adjustments
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The need for schedule adjustments are kept to a minimum. Valid reasons for requesting an adjustment are: 1) Graduation requirement needs; 2) Has not taken the prerequisite course required to take the class; 3) Did not sign up for the course; or 4) Counselor recommendation. Adding and dropping courses will be allowed only during the first week of the school year. In the case of AP classes, once approved for enrollment, it is the expectation of DHS that a commitment to the course is made for the full year and that students will sit for the AP College board exams in May.[/expand]

Honors/Advanced Placement Prerequisites
[expand title=”Honors/Advanced Placement Prerequisites“]

Please refer to the Honors and Advanced Placement Addendum for more information.[/expand]

AP Courses and Exams
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Students enrolled in an AP course are enrolled for the full year and are expected to take the AP exams in May. Each AP exam costs approximately 500 SAR due at the start of the second semester. High school students passing an end of course exam (scaled 1 – 5) with a 3, 4, or 5 may receive university credit. While success in AP courses is highly regarded, each university chooses whether to offer university level credit.[/expand]

[expand title=”DHS IB“]

The IB Program is a comprehensive two-year program for grades 11 and 12. Students will complete 6 courses; a Theory of Knowledge course, Creativity Action and Service program and an Extended Essay as part of the diploma requirements. Admission into the IB Diploma Program is based on a separate application process, subsequent to admission to DHS. Click here to read more.[/expand]

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