Mojo is the overall sense of school pride and student connection to Dhahran High school. Mojo is the sense of community we have at DHS. It is the positive “family like” atmosphere that all students and staff create on a daily basis.  Mojo is a connection to something bigger than ourselves. Mojo is the pride that we have in our school facility and surroundings.

How do we show our “Mojo”?

When you look around campus and begin to notice some new additions and changes.  There are several new logos for DHS, classroom numbers have been updated with our logo, new signs are being added to buildings, a student mosaic scorpion mural is soon to be installed and landscape improvements are underway.  DHS will feature more Pep Assemblies and events like “Spirit Week” in order for all students to become involved with DHS. Mojo is increasing inside our curriculum as well.  Examples include: Mr. Kombol’s SPOC (Student Principal Operational Committee) Committee, our new DHS Sports Council and a new semester long class specifically designed to increase our mojo called Scorpion Service.  The class will cover topics like self-esteem, leadership, goal setting, risk taking, group dynamics, problem solving, and communication skills. The class will involve hands-on activities with the school and ISG community and students will be expected to complete school and ISG community related services projects.