AP Capstone Application


Cohort 3

Please follow these steps to complete your AP application: 

Step 1:

• Complete DHS Application Process – For more information please contact our DHS Admissions Coordinator at 013- 330- 0555, Extension 2435 or email dhsadmit@isg.edu.sa.

**Students currently attending DHS skip to step #2.

Step 2:

• Complete the online AP Capstone Application Form. The link to the application form will be available on Feb. 20, 2018.

  • An interview or additional information may be required when deemed necessary.
  • Applications will be pending until all documents have been submitted.
  • Please note that admissions may be limited by enrollment capacity.
  • After  review,  the AP Coordinator will send a letter indicating the admissions decision.
  • After acceptance, families will attend a mandatory AP Capstone meeting.

If you have any questions about the Dhahran High School AP Program, the application process, or setting up a visit, please do not hesitate to contact our AP office at dhs_ib@isg.edu.sa or (966-13)330-0555 ext. 2457.

DHS AP Admissions Policy

Our admissions policy is designed to ensure that students who are admitted to the Dhahran High School AP Capstone Diploma Program can benefit from our educational services and be successful in this academic learning environment. In order to select candidates for our AP Capstone Program we may consider the following items:

  • written student application
  • current teacher recommendations
  • student transcripts
  • norm referenced standardized assessment data
  • criterion referenced assessment data

Our admissions policies and procedures are designed to identify those students who are most likely to benefit from the AP Capstone program in order to help parents, students and the school make the best choices in line with the individual needs of each student. An admissions committee consisting of the AP coordinator, the principal, and two-three teachers makes all admissions decisions.