Our Beliefs


Learning Principles
• Students learn best with voice and choice.
• Learning is a reflective practice.
• Learning requires a safe, collaborative environment.
• Learning requires feedback for growth.
• Learning inspires passionate engagement.
• Learning from failure requires a growth mindset.
• Appropriate challenge engages and motivates learners.


Assessment Beliefs
Purpose: The purpose of assessment is to improve learning.


• The student is the first and most important user of assessment data.
• Reflection is integral to deep learning.
• Assessments should be aligned with adopted standards.
• Feedback to students should be timely, targeted, accurate, actionable, ongoing, and embedded in the assessment process.
• Assessments should produce accurate data capable of informing instruction and learning.
• Assessments should give students opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.
• Creating and upholding structures that support teacher collaboration around assessment practices will enhance student learning.