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No School 9.22.16 & 9.25.16

Due to a directive from the Saudi government, all schools in KSA must close on Thursday due to Saudi National Day (Friday). All ISG’s seven schools, including DHS, will be closed, and the campuses will also be closed.
Any school events scheduled for Thursday will be cancelled or postponed. Please stay tuned for more information for the reschedule of events.
In addition, Sunday 9.25.16 will remain a non-school day per the published ISG calendar.
Thank you and Go Scorpions!
Aaron Kombol
Dhahran High School


SAT Exam at DHS



Hey DHS,

Don’t forget to buy your TEDxDhahranHighSchool 2016 tickets before they sell out! Only 100 individuals will be in the audience (first come first serve). Find all the event information you’ll need on the website below:

On the site you’ll find all the information you need, as well as a place to reserve your seat and ticket. We may ONLY HAVE 100 ATTENDEES for the entire event, and that includes some that will be invited so don’t wait too long to get a ticket. You MUST fill out the form and pay the 100 SR admission fee to Mrs. Vanessa at the B Building by October 2, 2016  or you risk losing your gate list spot.

Anyone is welcome! Bring your friends and family within or outside of the ISG community provided they fill out the form and pay the fee on time.

See you there,

Faisal Almaghlouth – Managing Director of TEDxDhahranHighSchool 2016

Semester 1 Schedule Changes

Semester 1 Schedule Changes
The period for requesting schedule changes for semester 1 has now passed and all approved schedules request changes have been completed.  Have a great semester!

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